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Meditation for Weight Loss and Happiness

Mind-body fitness is where it’s at.

A healthy life isn’t just about having your body look the way you want it to. In fact, you will be far more successful in your fitness goals if you take a whole life approach.

Of course you need to exercise and of course you definitely need to eat foods that give your body the fuel it needs. A well rounded program for a healthy and fit life includes exercise, healthy foods, meditation and a positive mindset. In fact, it’s partly because of the concept of more balance and less stress that meditation for weight loss is actually a thing.

fitness is about a happy and balanced life, not a number on the scale.

Sure… weight is important but here’s the thing: you want to change your weight because you want to love how you feel. Meditation can also help you change how you feel, which can help you change your weight! In fact, when you increase happiness and decrease stress, you decrease cortisol, the stress hormone which increases belly fat.

When you’re happier and more at peace with yourself, you’re more likely to eat healthier and less likely to succumb to junk food binges to change your state.

Reduce stress and you reduce belly fat.

Do you sometimes feel that you’re on an endless loop of struggling with some of the same problems?  Whether it’s weight, health, relationships, or finances, we so often get on a frustrating treadmill of up and down cycles that we can’t quite seem to break.

The secret to beating any fixed habit is to stop fighting with yourself.

…to find a place inside that isn’t at war.

In spiritual terms, that place is the true self.

meditation for weightloss

Meditation Benefits

  • Improves eating habits
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Improves mind-brain synapsing
  • Increases positivity
  • Expanded sense of wellbeing
  • Inspires a healthier lifestyle

Meditation makes you happier.

Meditation helps to improves eating habits, which leads to weight loss.

Meditation helps remove the struggle around your health and shifts your mindset. With a winner’s mindset you shift from struggle to victory; from focusing on what you can’t do to focusing on what you can do.

A winner’s mindset focuses on what you can do.

If you’re like many fitness enthusiasts, you may find it hard to relax… to slow down. I mean who has time to sit down and meditate in today’s fast paced, crazy busy life?!

When you barely have time for the gym or to exercise it can seem ridiculous to try to carve out time to sit down and be quiet and just breath. However, meditation actually creates mind-space, which helps your mind-brain connection to work more efficiently.

Meditation creates mind space.

If you haven’t tried meditation, chances are you’ll actually enjoy it. There are many different meditation techniques and philosophies. In fact, there are likely as many different kinds of meditation as there are types of exercise programs. So as with exercise, same as with meditation: the best way is the way that works best for you.

There may be as many types of meditation as there are exercise programs.

Meditation is to emotional and mental fitness what stretching is to the body: it creates inner resilience and calm, while renewing vigor, and vitality. Meditation, renews and refreshes your psyche.

Meditation is to emotional and mental fitness what stretching is to the body.

We learn in fitness that it’s not just exercise, it’s also diet, (in fact, some say 80% of weight loss is diet)!  Well, to permanently change habits, we also need the internal exercise that ties in mind and body, and nourishes our emotional and spiritual selves. And with today’s high speed, high stress lifestyle, it’s more important than ever.

To permanently change habits, you also need an internal fitness.

This is whole life fitness, and we will be talking about that regularly and bring you more of it, because here’s the thing:  If you only change your body, the changes won’t last, which is why the word yo-yo and dieting are virtually synonymous, and the diet industry is huge.

If you only change your body, the changes won’t last.

You may think you don’t have time to exercise or to meditate, but you definitely don’t have time to be sick, and the time invested in caring for yourself deeply, will pay off in improved health and happiness that will far surpass the time invested!  In fact, health and fitness, including emotional/mental/spiritual fitness through meditation, has the greatest return on investment (ROI) over anything else we can do!

Health and fitness has the greatest return on investment (ROI) over anything else we can do!

Here are a couple of our favorite resources for meditations. Like them?  Love them?  Don’t care for them?  Have your favorites to share? Let us know…we love hearing from you, and everything you share helps us to do a better job of sharing more of what you like and less of what you don’t.

Even Forbes published an article on weight loss and meditation.

Presence Meditations  Expanding presence in our lives expands the quality and meaning of everything we do. To be more present, is to be more alive and vital.

Still can’t settle down enough to meditate? No worries, yoga can be a gateway to mediation, so you might start there.

Meditation opens the way to reaching the true self.  ~Deepak Chopra

When you’re happier and more at peace with yourself, you’re more likely to eat healthier and less likely to succumb to junk food binges to change your state.

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