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To energize, elevate, engage and empower ourselves and others to be the best we can be through information, resources, motivation and inspiration for a healthy and fit body, mind and soul.

About My Trainer Fitness – in Brief

If you want to know more about the real people behind this site, you can read that further below. For now, we’re assuming that you’re here to discover health and fitness information to help you in your goal of living a healthier and fitter life, mind body and soul!

My Trainer Fitness began as a store selling our brand of gym workouts. Today, MyTrainerFitness.com is a free online health and fitness Ezine bringing you quality, original and well researched health and fitness info. We have years of experience in the nutrition, health, fitness and personal development fields, and love sharing anything that could help you in your journey to a healthier, fitter and happier life.

We’d love to hear from you and what you’re looking for and about what you need help with, as our site grows more fully into being all that it can be…. because that’s our life theme! 💪🏼🌟❤️


About LeAura Alderson, Founder Bio – Long story made short

I’m LeAura. Former homeschooling stay-at-home mom, lifelong interest in health and nutrition. My fitness journey began with workout DVD’s at home… (all the way back to Jane Fonda, for any who can remember that), and evolved into strength and resistance training which resolved chronic pain and osteopenia through exercise.

That led to creating fitness products to help others, becoming a health and fitness professional, entrepreneur, podcaster, ideator, writer, editor and media publisher. I now co-run and manage our family businesses, and—like many of you—struggle with needing to sit to work for many hours a day. Ha! I went from 2 hours of exercise a day to starting a fitness company and sitting for 12! 😄

So it is ironic that getting into the fitness industry resulted in me needing to sit to research and write many hours each day. But… I LOVE it and in the meantime, have found other ways to stay fit enough, without having to spend an hour or two at the gym each day. If you can do that and love doing it, that’s awesome!  But if you can’t, there’s lots you can do and we talk about all of that here on MyTrainerFitness.com.

Summary of me, from current to past

  • Healthy and fit at age 59 – )though sitting too much these days because… #WritersLife)
  • Lacto ovo vegetarian for 42 years now
  • Love to study, learn and share that to help others,
  • Love to ideate, create, write, work and help others.
  • Work feels more like a privilege than work… #Grateful!
  • Run a media publishing company with my family focused on areas of interest
  • Co-host of a podcast with my daughter, iCreateDailyPodcast.com
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Resolved chronic back pain through exercise
  • Created fitness products to help others achieve the benefits of a personal trainer workout on their own
  • Business and life partner with my husband of 30 years
  • Two internationally adopted children whom we homeschooled for most of their education
  • Born in Alabama, raised in Hawaii, home in North Carolina for 32 years now.

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My Trainer Fitness Origins

LeAura with personal trainer, Jill Coleman, doing single leg squats.

Originally founded by LeAura Alderson with the help of Jill Coleman of JillFit.com, in connection with the My Trainer Fitness Workout System, for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers. Since then, this site has evolved into an overall health and fitness magazine style site and ezine. We still love our My Trainer Fitness workout cards in books of 24 and packs of 6 complete workouts for gym, homework, 100 Calorie Workout, for kids and one just for guys at the gym.

But we also appreciate all fitness programs. Bottom line? Not only do fitness fans (those seeking a healthy and fit lifestyle) like varied and numerous fitness options, we need them to keep our body guessing rather than adapting.

The best fitness program? The one that you enjoy because that’s the one you’ll do!

If you’re a health and fitness or medical expert, or someone with a fitness success story, let us know! Your story might help someone in theirs.

You can contact us via: Info@MyTrainer Fitness.com, or visit and post on our Facebook page.

(NOTE: If you’re interested in contacting us for the purpose of submitting an article for gaining a backlink to another site, please do not waste your time. We delete all of those messages).

Energize! Elevate! Engage! Empower!

Thanks for visiting, and wishing you the very best healthy and fit life!!

LeAura Alderson… off and running! 🏃🏻‍♀️🚴‍♀️
Founder, MyTrainerFitness.com

Contact Us at Info@MyTrainerFitness.com

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