Free Beginner Gym Workouts – My Gym Trainer 1!

Have you ever wanted to use the weights and machines at the gym, but feel too embarrassed to ask anyone to help you figure it out?

  • Do you want a personal trainer, but don’t want to hire one?
  • Want to maximize your gym membership?

If you want to get a gym workout guide of 24 complete gym workouts you can use over many months of effective fitness, you can get those now on Amazon: My Gym Trainer 1 – Beginner. Or… you can get a free sample to test drive first.

Free Beginner’s Gym Workouts

If you want to try out 3 sample workouts, plus pages of information and tips, you can get your free PDF download here.


fitness-quotes-you-will-never-regret-getting-healthier-and-fitterHere’s how My Gym Trainer will improve your workouts, for a fraction of the cost:

MY GYM TRAINER 1-BEGINNER, is for the beginning exerciser or gym newbie, who needs to start slowly while gaining experience and familiarity with the gym equipment. Challenging enough to see results in the first week, yet gentle enough to ease you into it, these workouts are completely adaptable to your level, and can be increased or decreased in intensity to change and grow with you.

PROVEN WORKOUT SYSTEM to help you achieve personal trainer results on your own for a fraction of the cost. Get help at the gym and get fit faster with more effective exercises and complete workouts for steady weight loss, muscle toning and muscle definition.

THE ONLY GYM WORKOUT CARDS featuring 24 complete workouts you can take with you to the gym. Weight training on one side, cardio on the other, for 24 workouts before starting the cycle over.

fitness-quotes-changing-your-workout-keeps-boredom-at-bay-and-weight-awayMORE BENEFIT IN LESS TIME, you can make you’re My Gym Trainer last longer by splitting up your cardio and weight sessions. Instead of approximate 60-minute workouts, it would be more like 30 minutes of fast fitness by doing cardio on one day and strength training on the next.

INCLUDES TIPS, INFORMATION & JOURNAL CARDS: All workouts are completely adaptable to personalize to your fitness level and your gym. Each resistance circuit rotates through specific areas of the body in an effective systematic fashion. All workouts include strength and resistance training using weights: dumbbells, barbells, gym machines and equipment and body weight, plus cardio using treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent and stationary bikes, plus plyometrics.

Try it out – free workouts, tips and info, here! (Or go directly to Amazon and get your full workout manual of all 24 gym workouts).