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Your Mindset is Everything!

“They” were right: Mindset is everything! And it turns out there’s another common trait amongst successful people, no matter the industry or position in life.

In the first inspiring video, below, psychologist, Angela Lee Duckworth, reveals the simple one syllable word that sums up a trait common to all successful people.

Angela is speaking in particular, about the classroom, because her first career was teacher. But research took her far beyond the context of the classroom, to the university of life. There she studied people from different walks of life in different settings, where she observed common traits of successful people.

If you don’t think you have it… you’re wrong.

You can invoke this in your life the moment you decide to, so stop lying to yourself, and instead, get acquainted with your triumphant self. She’s waiting for you. He’s been there all along… just on the other side of excuses.

It’s time to put “Victor/Victoria” (your inner victor) to work!

Your inner “Victor/Victoria” is waiting for you on the other side of excuses.

Stop the excuses, start taking action daily, and he/she will appear.

The ONE, one-syllable word that sums up the ONE THING you need to have in order to succeed at your goals?


The Definition of Grit is:

  • Bravery and strength of character
  • Perseverance; Persistence
  • Sticking to it, no matter what
  • Firmness of character
  • Indomitable spirit; pluck

The Meaning of Grit is: 

  • Passion and perseverance for very long term goals
  • Having Stamina
  • Sticking with your future, day in and day out, for years.
  • Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint

You can invoke grit in your life the moment you decide to. Choose Grit.

Excerpted from comments by Angela Lee Duckworth in her TED Talk, should you be interested, that video is below. Remember, while Angela’s talk is focused on education and students, it’s a concept applicable to life in general. After all, that’s what education is supposed to be all about! 💪🏼 📚 💪🏼

You may also enjoy Angela’s book on Grit.

One of our favorite and highly recommended books—which Angela mentions in her TED Talk as well—is Mindset, by Carol Dweck.

We are so into motivation and mindset that we could list favorite videos, books and quotes on enough pages to make a book. But for now, we’ll share a couple more.

This next quote is in the following video with Denzel, but we don’t know the man’s name. If you do, please send us a message and we’ll add it for proper tribute.

The fruit of everything good in life, begins with a challenge.

There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind.  ~Les Brown

The only thing that’s going to make you happy, is to step up.  ~Tony Robbins

Okay… now that you’re all fired up and READY to invoke your infinite personal power… your true grit, here are some simple instructions to get you started on the road to better.

Remember, mindset is everything. Your success begins and ends with mindset. In between it’s grit that carries you through.

To help with that, here’s an article to help you effortlessly step into positive habits and navigate temptations. And remember… your mindset is everything.

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