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Butter Coffee with MCT or Coconut Oil

As soon as I tried butter coffee with coconut oil, a.k.a. “fatty coffee”, it became my favorite coffee drink. I was super stoked—and surprised—to learn that this delicious butter coffee with coconut oil is also a fat burner and good for weight loss! #MindBlown!

The other thing is that at first, the idea of butter and coconut oil in coffee just sounded weird to me, and the concept of fatty coffee being healthy… paradoxical and counter-intuitive. That is until you know how the brain works and how the body absorbs nutrients.

For many, coffee is the number one morning ritual that gets them going. Coffee has proven health benefits, including improved fitness performance, and very few negatives. So… savor your morning coffee, but… and this is super important: NO SUGAR!

Healthy coffee is organic coffee without sugar.

Audio Article – Butter Coffee:

Butter Coffee aka… Joy Juice!

Each morning my husband brings my coffee to me as I’m getting ready… we joke about it being “joy juice”. What a guy, right?!? It always takes women longer to get ready than men… especially me since—at 59—I’m no longer of the “wash and wear” age. So that extra perk in the morning as I’m getting ready and listening to favorite podcasts, is so appreciated!

Coleman takes his coffee with frothed milk and dark chocolate. Ever since I first heard of bulletproof coffee and tried it with the butter and coconut oil, I went from skeptical to hooked!

If you want to cut to the chase, here’s our simple recipe.

If you want a little more info on the butter coffee phenomenon and also the unexpected health benefit I experienced as a result of butter coffee with coconut oil, then read on!

Butter Coffee with MCT or Coconut Oil

Which is Best… MCT or Coconut Oil

The original Bulletproof coffee creators recommend using MCT oil.  But the MCT is more expensive than coconut oil, and I actually prefer the taste of the Bulletproof style butter coffee with coconut oil over MCT. However, if you’re using the fatty coffee to aid with weight loss you will want to use MCT rather than coconut oil.

MCT oil is proven to increase satiety, whereas coconut oil is not proven to increase satiety and reduce appetite.

Coconut oil in coffee does add a hint of coconut flavor, so if you don’t like that at all then stick with the MCT oil. MCT is supposed to have additional benefits to coconut oil, but they’re both have wonderful health benefits. 1)

Bulletproof butter coconut oil coffee, LeAura Alderson,,
Bulletproof morning brew of delicious butter-coffee with coconut oil. My fingernails have been growing strong and healthy since I began coffee prepared this way. LeAura Alderson,

What is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. And what’s that?

MCT’s are fats made from coconut and/or palm oils into a formula that reduces the long chain triglycerides into medium chain triglycerides so as to make them more bio-available and beneficial to humans.

Many sources say that coconut oil and MCT’s still need more research to validate the benefits for Alzheimer’s. What’s certain?

Your brain needs healthy fats.

Benefits of MCTs

This isn’t an article on MCT’s, so this just touches on the benefits. Bottom line? You want MCTs in your diet! However… don’t believe everything you read about this. Some studies are promising, others, not yet conclusive. It

MCT Medicinal Benefits for Disease

  • Aids food absorption
  • Gallbladder disease
  • AIDS,
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Seizures in children
  • Decreases fat / Increases muscle mass
  • Reduces cholesterol and blood fats

MCT Benefits for Fitness and Athletic Performance

  • Increases exercise performance
  • Aids weight loss
  • Reduces fat
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Improves brain function
  • Curbs hunger


Athletes sometimes use MCTs for nutritional support during training, to increase exercise performance, for decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass, and for weight loss.

Bulletproof Coffee

I’m hooked on bulletproof style coffee, also known as “butter coffee”, using organic coffee beans, organic 100% pure coconut oil and farm fresh butter made from grass-fed cows.

If you love the coffee mug, you can see more of those at page bottom in the Amazon features. They’re the handmade Mara mugs.

The Surprising Side Benefit of Butter Coffee with Coconut Oil

Okay, so while coconut oil has not been proven to reduce appetite, it does have many other proven health benefits. I conducted my own accidental experiment (I think that’s an oxymoron… 😉), when I discovered that coconut oil improved my nail health.

I had no idea my nails would become so healthy by drinking butter coffee with coconut oil!

Since changing to butter coffee, my fingernail health has improved tremendously, from brittle nails to long, strong and healthy. Healthy nails means healthier body, bones and teeth, all thanks to the coconut oil.

Butter coffee with coconut oil, has a much better and lasting effect as an elixir of energy.

There’s no scientific proof that I’ve found yet, but I suspect—and experience—that drinking coffee with milk can actually have a calming and sleep-inducing effect. Warm milk triggers L-tryptophan which induces drowsiness, so it would seem to mitigate somewhat the benefit of the caffeine and send mixed signals to your body, as if the coffee and milk are fighting each other.

Let us know if you’ve tried bulletproof style butter-coconut coffee or with MCT oil, and what you think of it.

Best Organic Coffees

The bulletproof brand is amongst the highest grade organic quality you can find, so it’s a bit pricey. Their MCT oil, called “Brain Octane”, is odorless and tasteless, so if you’re not a big fan of coconut, or just don’t want to taste it in your coffee, you can try it that way.

My two current favorite organic coffees are is Cafe Cubano which we get from Costco or from Amazon and it’s free shipping with Amazon Prime. I also enjoy this organic whole bean coffee from Costa Rica, especially if you like a milder, smooth coffee.

(NOTE: Be careful and make sure you’re ordering it FROM the Cafe Cubano company as seller. There are some sellers on Amazon who are reselling it for a higher per pound price).

Butter from Grass Fed Cows

It’s hard to find butter from grass fed cows in our local grocers, so I typically go with organic unsalted butter as a close alternative. If you also don’t have a good source of “grass fed butter” in your area, you can order ghee from grass fed cows from Amazon as a good alternative.


Coconut Oil for Butter Coffee

For coconut oil here are our favorites listed in order of preference. All things being equal in terms of coconut oil quality, I really like that the Kirkland’s bottle has a hand-hold section on the large 84oz sized jar. It’s a thought addition that makes the daily grabbing of this from the cabinet a single handed task.

I love the positive motivational saying on the silver bar in the feature photo. It was a gift from my son and I see it every day. For more positive motivation, you may enjoy this article… it sums up the one thing you need to succeed.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
~Unknown author



Butter Coffee for Travel

I’ll be traveling soon and plan to take some butter coffee with me. I’ll come back here and post an update to let you know how that goes. I’m starting out with the Bulletproof Coffee’s Instant Mix Creamer. Most hotel rooms have free coffee, so I’ll take a travel mug and shake it vigorously to get the blended effect… a little pre-coffee aerobics. 😄

If that doesn’t work, next time we’ll try this tiny milk frother.

Milk with Coffee…?

If you drink your coffee with milk and you find it makes you sleepy, try bulletproof style blended with butter and coconut oil instead and see what happens. As mentioned earlier, warm milk actually helps to induce sleep, and may create conflicting signals to your body.

If you still get sleepy, sans milk, then it could be dehydration, or adrenal fatigue. If this persists, you’ll definitely want to get tested for that. You could start here with this questionnaire.

There’s more great news for coffee lovers! For 8 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee, get your cuppa brew and enjoy another quick coffee-lovers read.


PRODUCTS: available on Amazon, or at your local Whole Foods, Earth Fare and most grocers.

As soon as I tried I'm stoked that my favorite coffee drink: butter coffee with coconut oil, a.k.a. "fatty coffee", is actually a fat burner!! Go figure! For many, coffee is the number one morning ritual that gets them going. Coffee has proven health benefits, including improved fitness performance, and very few negatives. So... savor your morning coffee, but... and this is super important: NO SUGAR! #buttercoffee #coffee #coconut #health #drinks #coffeelovers

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