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Butter Coffee with Coconut Oil


I’m stoked that my favorite coffee drink: butter coffee with coconut oil, a.k.a. “fatty coffee”, is actually a fat burner!! Go figure!

Coffee, Elixir of Energy

For many, coffee is the number one morning ritual that gets them going. Coffee has proven health benefits, including improved fitness performance, and very few negatives.

So… savor your morning coffee, but… and this is super important: NO SUGAR!

Healthy coffee is organic coffee without sugar.

We love ours “Bulletproof coffee style”, with butter and coconut oil. We use coconut oil because it’s less expensive per serving than the MCT oil and the subtle coconut taste just ads a pleasant hint of flavor. But if you don’t care for that, then you could do the MCT oil, purported to have even more benefits.

Bulletproof butter coconut oil coffee, LeAura Alderson,,
Bulletproof morning brew of delicious butter-coffee with coconut oil. My fingernails have been growing strong and healthy since I began coffee prepared this way. LeAura Alderson, owner,

I’m hooked on bulletproof style coffee, also known as “butter coffee”, using organic coffee beans, organic 100% pure coconut oil and farm fresh butter made from grass-fed cows.

(Btw, if you love the coffee mug, you can see more of those at page bottom in the Amazon features).

Since using this, my fingernail health has improved tremendously, from brittle nails to long, strong and healthy. Healthy nails means healthier body, bones and teeth, all thanks to the coconut oil.

Butter coffee with coconut oil, has a much better and lasting effect as an elixir of energy.

There’s no scientific proof that I’ve found, but I suspect that drinking coffee with milk can actually have a calming and sleep-inducing effect. Warm milk triggers l-tryptophan which induces drowsiness, so it would seem to mitigate somewhat the benefit of the caffeine and send mixed signals to your body, as if the coffee and milk are fighting each other.

Let us know if you’ve tried bulletproof style butter-coconut coffee, and what you think of it. The bulletproof brand is the highest grade organic quality you can find, so it’s a bit pricey. Their coconut oil, called “Brain Octane”, is odorless and tasteless, so if you’re not a big fan of coconut, or just don’t want to taste it in your coffee, you can try it that way.

My current favorite is Cafe Cubano. We’re alternate between getting 5lb bags from Costco or ordering the 2lb bag from Amazon and it’s free shipping with Amazon Prime. I also enjoy this organic whole bean coffee from Costa Rica for a milder, smooth coffee.

(NOTE: Be careful and make sure you’re ordering it FROM the Cafe Cubano company as seller. There are some sellers on Amazon who are reselling it for a higher per pound price).

It’s hard to find butter from grass fed cows, so I go with organic unsalted as an alternate. For coconut oil we typically get the 64oz Carrington Organic 100% Extra Virgin Pure Coconut Oil or the Nutiva brand from Amazon. Of course you can find coconut oil everywhere these days.



If you drink your coffee with milk and you find it makes you sleepy, try bulletproof style blended with butter and coconut oil instead and see what happens. As mentioned earlier, warm milk actually helps to induce sleep, and may create conflicting signals to your body.

If you still get sleepy, sans milk, then it could be dehydration, or adrenal fatigue. If this persists, you’ll definitely want to get tested for that. You could start here with this questionnaire.

There’s more great news for coffee lovers! For 8 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee, get your cuppa brew and enjoy another quick coffee-lovers read. For more information on the benefits of fatty coffee such as this butter coffee with coconut oil, you will enjoy this article by Abel James on his website,

PRODUCTS: available on Amazon, or at your local Whole Foods, Earth Fare and most grocers.

Butter Coffee with Coconut Oil — For many, coffee is the number one morning ritual that gets them going. Coffee has proven health benefits, including improved fitness performance, and very few negatives.

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