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Best Energy Pills and Supplements

So you need more energy? Most adults are interested in acquiring and having more energy. The demands of modern life and modern diets combined with often sedentary workplace environments have increased the need to fuel our bodies with supplements. But which are the best energy pills?

If you’re like us, you’re most interested in energy pills that are safe, effective and as natural as possible. So we’ve done the research on best sellers and best ingredients toward helping you decide which supplemental energy pills are best for you.

This short list is based on best sellers, best reviews, best ingredients and supportive research, and is no means a definitive list of all that’s available. Please let us know if you have any experience with these or other supplements, and we’ll consider adding your information and recommendations to this list.

Supplements that work best for one person, may not work best for another, so always listen to your body, common sense and intuition toward determining what works best for you.


Best Energy Supplements

Supernova Naturals Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea is well-known as an energy and memory booster, also beneficial in lowering stress levels. More research is needed, but studies show promise.

Supernova’s rhodiola rosea supplement contains Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, which is considered the best quality rhodiola available. Siberian rhodiola is wildcrafted and qualified by hand, from mature, four year old roots. These vegetarian capsules are ranked as one of the best choices of natural energy pills on the market.


  • 500 mg Rhodiola Rosea
    • 3% Rosavin1)
    • 1% Salidroside2), active ingredients.3) 

As with any product, reviews are mixed, however the majority are positive and report more than just an energy boosting supplement. Users report sharpened brain function, reduced stress and even anxiety. Just be patient and don’t expect results overnight. 

And as with any remedy, the effects can take some time to set in, and results vary as each body may react differently.


  • Energy boost
  • Mental clarity
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced anxiety


  • No benefit noticed
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Opposite effect – can cause fatigue

Company: SuperNova Naturals

Rhodiola Rosea Studies:4)

2011-2012 Study showed rhodiola may enhance physical performance and ease mental fatigue.

2015 Study tested rhodiola along with the drug sertraline and a placebo for people suffering varying degrees of major depressive disorder. Results indicated the rhodiola was as effective but at reducing depressive symptoms but had fewer side effects than the sertraline drug.

Rhodiola Rosea
Rhodiola Rosea


Keto Vitals – Electrolyte Capsules

The Keto Vitals supplement is an electrolyte-balancing energy supplement for those following a low-carb or keto diet.5)

The Keto Vitals contain sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium that work together to boost mood and energy.

Customers report these Keto Vitals help to overcome fatigue and brain fog that can accompany low carb diets. Moreover, some customers say that these energy pills have eliminated their muscle cramps in a very short period of time.


  • Effective ketosis support
  • Stopped leg cramps
  • No keto “flu”6)
  • Helps with mental fog


  • Too mild / mild to no effect
  • Low potassium content

Company: Keto Vitals


Caffeine Pills

If you like a caffeine boost but are not fond of caffeine beverages, caffeine pills are a relative natural option. Caffeine is natural, but consuming it in pill form is not, so always try such supplements carefully, starting slowly and observing your physiological response to it.

Caffeine content in a small serving of popular beverages:

  • 95-200 gm – 8 oz coffee
  • 35-45 mg – 12 oz cola
  • 70-100 mg – 8 oz energy drink
  • 14-60 mg – 8 oz cup of tea

As you can see, there is quite a difference depending on the strength of the ingredients used, which can depend—in part—on how the caffeine is rendered into the beverage.7)

Caffeine is proven to increase performance in runners and cyclists.
~Nov. 2013 study published on PubMed.gov8)

Motivation!: Herbal Caffeine & Energy Capsules

Not all caffeine supplements use the same quality caffeine, and this is reportedly what distinguishes Motivation! Herbal Caffeine & Energy from cheaper energy pills.

The caffeine in Motivation! Comes from Guarana Seed Extract, to which the company has added the complete B-Vitamin Complex and extracts from rhodiola, ginseng and green tea, which also contain natural caffeine. This formula is sure to boost your energy and metabolism.

According to reviews, this energy pill provides steady energy without highs, jitters, crashes or any other side effects.

Personally, we prefer coffee, my favorite is “butter-coconut coffee in the mornings and often an afternoon chai. But if you’re not a coffee or tea fan, or just need the convenience of an energy pill, this might be the right choice for you.


Serving size – 2 capsules

  • 200 mg guarana seed extract caffeine*
  • 500 mg Rhodiola Rosea
  • 3% Rosavin9)
  • 1% Salidroside10), active ingredients.11)

*An average 16 oz cup of coffee contains 182 mg of caffeine


  • Helps with focus and retention
  • Long lasting
  • Increases productivity
  • No crash or racing heart
  • Natural formulation
  • Steady flow of energy
  • Natural feeling


  • Too mild

Caffeine significantly increases upper body muscle strength and power.
~March 2018 Study published on PubMed.gov12)

Genius Caffeine – Extended Release Microencapsulated Caffeine Pills

The Genius Caffeine energy pills contain Newcaff – microencapsulated release caffeine that ensures sustained release of energy. What makes them different is the fact that they have extended release of the main ingredient.13)

This provides pure energy through a longer period of time. As with other caffeine pills, these pills boost your metabolism and may reduce your appetite, which can be helpful in weight loss. The all natural formula packed in veggie capsules contains no fillers or additives.

Amazon’s Best Sellers in Sports Nutrition Endurance & Energy Supplements

Studies prove caffeine ingested 75 minutes prior to performance, increased speed and sustained heart rate in cross country skiers. study published November, 201315)

Prolab Caffeine Tablets

As a typical caffeine supplement, these energy pills promise to make you focused, energized and to improve your physical and mental performance. Enriched with calcium, Prolab Caffeine Tablets are useful for when you need a quick energy boost in as little as 15 minutes.

According to Prolab customers these caffeine tablets are a must have in your daily life. Often used before a gym workout these energy pills boost energy levels and performance.

Caffeine pills are also used on the go for those who don’t have the time—or desire—to enjoy a pick-me-up coffee or tea. Personally, we love lingering over our favorite cuppa joe, but sometimes you need a boost without the time for sipping.

Prolab tablets promise to deliver energy and speed up your brain functioning. Some people experience side effects, such as jitters or queasy stomach from caffeine tablets though, so test carefully and observe your body, your performance and how you feel physically and emotionally.


  • Energy boost without side effects
  • Coffee substitute
  • Energizing
  • Suppresses hunger
  • Boosts performance


  • Experienced stomach cramps
  • Bad aftertaste
  • Too mild / no change or improvement

Company: Pro Lab


Rhodiola; Arctic Root; Roseroot; Arctic Rose; Hong jing tian; Rhodiola rosea; Sedum rosea
Rhodiola Rosea – Image by Steven Foster, from NCCIH.nih.gov16)

For more on the side effects of caffeine in this article on

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So you need more energy? Most adults are interested in acquiring and having more energy. The demands of modern life and modern diets combined with often sedentary workplace environments have increased the need to fuel our bodies with supplements. But which are the best energy pills?


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