About My Trainer Fitness

About My Trainer Fitness

Our Passion

To energize, elevate, engage and empower ourselves and others to be the best we can be.

My Trainer Fitness Today

My Trainer Fitness, a free online health and fitness ezine bringing you quality health and fitness info to help fitness pros and their clients, and exercise fans and fanatics stay on track, motivated and inspired to reach their goals.

Some of the links and information provided in articles may result in affiliate or commission payments, which help to support this site, and which never costs you anything.

Our goal is to share the best information we create or find and like that might also benefit you. This means that some links may result in pocket change for us, and some may result in no revenue. Either way, we’re sharing it, and of course you’re welcome to bypass our links and find the products or services directly yourself, in which case we will not be compensated by the affiliated or sponsoring companies.

We may not have a chance to personally test every product we recommend, but we’ve either vetted these ourselves or via reviews from other reputable sources.

If you have favorites you’d like to share, or, you have a negative experience of any of the products and services we recommend, we would very much appreciate your letting us know so that we can update our information accordingly.

Frankly, our goal for My Trainer Fitness is to become a platform for fitness pros and their clients, as well as fitness fitness fans and fanatics, with a vision toward crowdsourcing much of it from amongst you.

So if you have information, workouts, recipes, before-after photos, etc, that you’d like to share, we’d love to share it and give you a big shout out.

You can contact us via: Info@MyTrainer Fitness.com, or visit and post on our Facebook page.


My Trainer Fitness Origins

Originally founded by LeAura Alderson with the help of Jill Coleman of JillFit.com, in connection with the My Trainer Fitness Workout System, we’ve converted this site into an overall health and fitness magazine style site and ezine. We still love our My Trainer Fitness workout cards in books of 24 and packs of 6 complete workouts for gym, home and work, but we also appreciate all fitness programs.

Not only do fitness fans (those seeking to a healthy and fit lifestyle) like varied and numerous fitness options, we need them to keep our body guessing rather than adapting. So please let us know your favorite workouts, trainers, gyms, etc, and we’ll be glad to post shout outs, kudos, articles…. whatever, to help them get the word out.

If you’d like to share your story, or write for us, let us know!






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