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Yes, Passion in Marriage After 30 Years, the Role Fitness Plays plus a Free Book

Love and Passion after 30 Years of Marriage is Possible

Andre and Marina have it made. They are living their dreams and pursuing a life they love in their second half of life together.

And now, they’re sharing their story with you here.


Retired from the entertainment industry, Andre and Marina Starz’ is truly a love story, and one they got to enact on stage over and again for many years in a acclaimed show in Branson, Missouri.

Marina is the ballerina. Andre an acrobat and clown, and together they helped audiences transcend the rough edges of daily life by being transported into the real life story turned show act, of the star-crossed lovers.



Today, Marina and Andre are bringing a new act to the stage of life: they are helping couples achieve what they’ve achieved: a loving and passionate marriage that has lasted the ravages of time and the stresses of life through thick and thin.

Speaking of “thin”… when asked the role of fitness in marriage, Andre and Marina’s answer is something every serious dating, engaged and married couple needs to hear and consider.

Helping Others Achieve Passionate and Loving Relationships

It finally became apparent to them that they had something unusual… something elusive to many when they kept hearing people say how lucky they were. Others asked them how they do it. These steady stream of comments and inquiries helped Andre and Marina discover their next great act.

I hope you’re as inspired by their story as I am.

It’s interesting to contemplate how people spend more money on their clothing, cosmetics, grooming (nails and hair) and recreation than they do on working on their relationships. To kindle and keep love and passion in your relationship takes work, but as Andre and Marina know and teach, it’s about making that work a fun priority.

You can reach them through their site:

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