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Serovital HGH – Human Growth Hormone

The Fountain of Youth is a Hormone

There is no doubt that our population is getting older. With the number of Americans age 65-years or older expected to rise from its current one-in-seven, to one-in-five by the year 2030, the idea of a “fountain of youth” has never been more popular. 1)

We simply cannot escape the inevitable aging process, however, we can slow it down. By increasing one chemical in our bodies, we can not only feel younger and more vibrant than our years would indicate, we can also improve our overall health, athletic performance, and even vision.

We can also improve our overall health, athletic performance, and even vision.

But what “wonder drug” can do all of this, you ask? Simple. One which your body already produces on its own—albeit in ever decreasing amounts as you age.

What is HGH?

Sometimes called Human Growth Factor, HG Factor, Growth Hormone or GH, the most commonly used terms are Human Growth Hormone and HGH. But what is it? An organic chemical or hormone produced in the pituitary gland of the brain, HGH is what helped you to grow from child to adult.

In adults, HGH is responsible for cell reproduction, regulating fluids, and regulating fat and sugar metabolism, as well as a few other important functions, and maintaining healthy muscle tone. 2)

HGH is Beneficial to:

  • Eye health
  • Skin tone
  • Brain health
  • Muscle recovery
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Weight management
  • Mental outlook
  • Quality of sleep
  • Wound healing

Children have more of it than adults, since they need rapid cell reproduction to enable them to grow. As adults, we have less need for cell reproduction, so our bodies make progressively less GH as we age.3)

But, as you can see from the list of benefits above, we definitely need HGH to stay healthy and fit. The good news is there are many things you can do to boost your HGH levels. We prefer the natural method first and foremost, but first, a review of the most popular HGH supplement.

SeroVital Reviews

One of the most popular HGH supplements for sale is SeroVital. But does it work and is it safe? That’s what we wanted to know, and this is what we found.

SeroVital is known of as a secretagogue, which is a compound that causes the body to secrete another compound. It contains certain amino acids and herbs which are believed to catalyze the release of HGH. However, more studies are needed, in particular when it comes to usage by older adults.4)

By using the recommended dosage of Serovital, you may, in fact, be able to raise your body’s level of HGH production. However, as with many supplements, there is conflicting information as to just how effective this product is, and it may not work well for everyone.

Adding to this are statements that for many, amino acids may need to be taken in doses higher than those of SeroVital to increase the body’s HGH production, and high doses can cause gastric distress, diarrhea, and other health problems. 5)

Those who did see positive results reported tighter skin-tone, better sleep, improved eyesight, and an enhanced mental outlook. Some even described outcomes which were on par with more expensive doctor prescribed injections, so there is evidence that SeroVital can be well worth the cost. 6)

SeroVital has recently seen a rise in popularity not only due to alleged health benefits but also because it doesn’t require a prescription or needle injections. An appearance on Dr. Oz is sure to have helped SeroVital come into the limelight and you can now find it online, such as on Amazon, as well as locally at your favorite pharmacies.7)

SeroVital is not HGH. It’s thought to help your body manufacture more of its own HGH.

SeroVital Side Effects

SeroVital is reported to have few side effects such as gastric distress. One of the ingredients of SeroVital is the amino acid, L-arginine, which can cause such symptoms. 9)

High doses of amino acids can also be hard on the kidneys, So those with kidney or liver disease should not consider using SeroVital, without first consulting with a good physician. 10)

Too much HGH production in the body can also have negative repercussions. Side effects from too much HGH can include arthritis, nerve pain, muscle pain, edema, and carpal tunnel syndrome. As with anything you do and consume, tune into your body and listen to what it’s telling you. If you’re feeling better and with no negative repercussions, you’re probably fine. If you notice any negative symptom, discontinue whatever program you’re on and see your doctor.11)

HGH aids bodybuilding.

HGH Benefits

While the overuse of GH can have some serious consequences, the responsible use of it has been found by some to work wonders for your health and wellbeing. Even though the use of growth hormone in its synthetic form is banned without a prescription, many are taking advantage of it through anti-aging clinics and other medical outlets with some amazing results.

Increased HGH Leads to:

  • Better fat synthesis—GH binds to fat cells, and causes them to release lipids for use as energy. This results in leaner, more manageable body mass, and higher energy levels. 12)
  • Better cognitive function—GH binds to the brain’s surface cell receptors, particularly in the areas of the brain responsible for learning and memory, which it enhances. 13)
  • Muscle growth and recovery—GH stimulates collagen production, which promotes the growth of muscle cells. GH is also responsible for the reproduction of cells in the body, so muscles which are damaged through working out can be repaired (recover) 14)faster.
  • Promotes healthy bones and cartilage—The collagen which GH stimulates is also responsible for reproducing bone and cartilage cells. This means bone density is more easily maintained, and damaged cartilage and bones are more quickly 15)repaired.
  • Promotes better sleep—Cortisol is a hormone which keeps you awake, and HGH counters the body’s production of it. Since HGH is mostly secreted as you sleep, and high levels of cortisol prohibit you from going into the relaxed state necessary to fall asleep, there is a direct cause-and-effect between the two hormones. The bottom line? More GH means less cortisol, and deeper, more restful sleep. 16)
  • Helps improve skin tone—Cortisol works to break down collagen in the body, and collagen is the protein responsible for keeping skin smooth, supple and young looking. Since GH helps regenerate cells which produce collagen, more GH means more collagen—as well as less cortisol–which in turn means younger looking, more elastic skin. 17)
  • Heals wounds faster—Through its role in cell regeneration and collagen production, GH also speeds up recovery from injuries to the body. 18)
  • Better eyesight—Not only does GH speed up recovery from ocular damage, it also improves the tone and strength of eye muscles, and prevents hardening of the pupils. This improves focus, sharpness and light adaptation, as well as guarding against glaucoma and cataracts. 19)

More growth hormone means less cortisol, and deeper, more restful sleep.


HGH for Bodybuilding

There is a reason it is easier for high school athletes to put on muscle weight than it is for adult athletes.  It’s mainly due to their naturally higher levels of HGH.

GH is responsible for faster muscle recovery, which helps athletes get back in the gym and work harder sooner than without it. It also helps fat cells empty their contents to be used as fuel by the body, which results in leaner muscle mass, as well as more energy. 20)

While there’s not yet conclusive research that GH directly helps bodybuilders put on additional pounds, it does improve sleep, which helps in post-workout recovery. Since sleep and recovery are as important to athletic performance as working out, this can have a positive effect for bodybuilders. 21)

sprints for HGH
Sprints increase HGH and muscle mass; jogging and marathons can decrease it.

Best HGH Supplements

GH can be administered in its synthetic form for the fastest, most effective benefits. However, it requires a doctor’s prescription, is expensive, and there are potentially negative side effects.

In fact, too much GH—no matter the form—can create problems.

GH Side Effects

So buyer beware! There are many things on the market that simply do NOT work or are of questionable quality. We wish we had a lab to test them all for you, but until then, do your research, and remember, it’s imperative to discontinue use if you experience any adverse symptoms.

The more you listen to your body, the more it will tell you what it needs.


HGH Supplements Come in 3 Forms:

Natural HGH releasers—Releasers are the safest way to increase GH levels, since they work with your body’s natural abilities to increase the pituitary gland’s production of GH. These are most often in the form of amino acids, as well as some herbal products. Most effective are amino combinations, since GH itself is a protein of 191 amino acids, which adding to can help your body produce GH above what would be normal levels for your age.

Oral sprays—Perhaps not as effective as GH injections, since GH is not known to be absorbable through mouth, throat or stomach membranes. While some companies claim to have come up with a polymer to enhance absorbability, there is little evidence to back this up. However, as a releaser, amino acids can be taken and absorbed as an oral spray.

Supplemental pills—As with oral sprays, taking pills containing synthetic GH are usually not the best way to go, since GH is not an easily-absorbed hormone. However—and again as with oral sprays—using a releaser in pill form should get you positive results, assuming the product is well-formulated.23)

Now comes our favorite part: There are some effective natural ways to increase your GH levels without expensive prescriptions or supplements.

GH levels can rise as much as three-hundred percent during a three day fast!

Natural Growth Hormone

But can you increase HGH naturally? The answer is yes! You can increase HGH naturally through sleep, diet and exercise—amongst other methods:

  1. Sleep—GH is produced when you are in your deepest sleep cycles, and sleeping well is one of the best ways to naturally increase your GH levels. By getting as close to eight hours (or more) of sleep per night as possible, you can optimize your body’s natural circadian rhythms to help you produce more GH. So if you’re having trouble falling asleep, try to:
    • Avoid blue light from the screens of computers and other electronic devices before bed.
    • Sleep in a cool room which has ample air flow.
    • Avoid caffeine late in the day.
    • Avoid working out within three hours of bedtime.
  2. Intense Exercise—GH is also produced from intense exercise, so hit the gym, run some intervals, or play a sport. Remember too that exercise helps you sleep better, so you can double up your body’s GH production with some exercise induced deep sleep. IMPORTANT: too much steady cardio can have the opposite effect, so lots of jogging and treadmills may not be for you.
  3. Less sugar—Sugar increases insulin output, and insulin decreases your GH output, so lay off the sweet stuff! Plus, sugar is responsible for extra body fat, so lowering your glycemic intake can also help you slim down.
  4. Lose body fat—Fat stands in the way of GH production, and studies have shown that those with excess body fat can have as little as half the GH production as leaner individuals.
  5. Fast—Not eating can have a positive effect on your GH levels, since eating causes an increase in your body’s insulin, which in turn, lowers your GH levels. Fasting may also help you lose body fat, although fasting alone is not an advisable weight loss method. That said, studies have shown GH levels can rise as much as three-hundred percent during a three day fast.
  6. Natural supplements—There are amino acids which can help you increase your body’s GH production, including GABA, L-dopa and glutamine. GABA, for instance, may not only increase levels of GH on its own, it is a calming agent for the brain and nervous system, so it can also help you fall into a deep, restful sleep. L-dopa and glutamine have also shown evidence of increasing GH levels when used as a supplement.*
  7. Foods: fava beans, seafood and beef—These foods are known to increase levels of L-dopa in the body, so by enjoying them, you can also increase your body’s output of GH.
  8. Laugh—Studies show that laughing can increase GH levels by as much as eighty-seven percent, so giggling like a kid can also help you feel as young as one! 24)

*NOTE: Our favorite sleep supplement is melatonin spray and Cortisol Ease, and you an get both from Amazon. [Affiliate links]

If you really like to geek out on the science of this, you may enjoy this study on fasting and HGH.

Contributing writer, Scot Mills is a professional writer with a passion for natural products, and health and wellness for over 40 years now. In addition to living and writing about a fit lifestyle, Scot’s education included graduating at the top of his class as a business major, and Phi Beta Kappa honors Society member. You can visit Scot’s blog here.


Serovital HGH – Human Growth Hormone — There is no doubt that our population is getting older. With the number of Americans age 65-years or older expected to rise from its current one-in-seven, to one-in-five by the year 2030, the idea of a “fountain of youth” has never been more popular.

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