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Teva Sports Sandals, Flatform and Platform Tevas REVIEW

Teva Sandals Review

What are your favorite sandals for an active lifestyle?

Mine are Tevas, hands down!  And last year they came up with a style I’ve been looking for for years: Sports Tevas that are platforms!!

See the Teva sandals review video below.

If you want to go straight to the video, scroll down to just beyond the picture of my Teva sandals collection all lined up on our deck. If you want more context, read on first.

Platform Tevas

Teva actually calls them Teva Flatform Universal Sandals, likely because you’re on a flat platform. The flat part, (with mild arch support), provides maximum comfort through distribution of weight, so greater stability, agility, and the freedom to walk in your normal gait. They also have a flip-flop style called Flatform Sandals that includes an adjustable ankle strap.

As you will see in the video, I like them both but slightly favor the Teva Flatform Universal Sandals because the straps are sturdier and provide greater stability and adjustability.

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Being a short petite 5′ 1″, I prefer wearing platforms shoes. I’ve never really minded being short. In fact, I didn’t even realize I was considered short in my youth because many of the people in Hawaii where I grew up, are on the short or petite side. But, except on airplanes, it’s usually a whole lot more convenient begin taller. Clothes tend to look better and tall people can eat more too, but that’s another issue not resolved by platform shoes. 😜

With platform shoes on, it’s easier to hug taller people (I don’t get a crick in my neck hugging my husband and son, who are 5′ 10″ and 6′ respectively), it’s easier to reach things in my kitchen. When it comes to clothing, most pants look and fit better with platforms. You don’t need to hem the length, plus the benefit of a slimmer appearance by looking taller.

So, a couple years ago all my flip flops, sandals and shoes were 2-3″ platforms, (and I prefer platforms over heels because they’re more comfortable and easier on your feet than pushing most of your weight onto the balls and toes of your feet, which creates a whole other list of problems). But I noticed a few things that were a distinct disadvantage in wearing platform shoes and sandals.

Next page: Disadvantanges and dangers of platform shoes.

Disadvantages and Dangers of Platform Shoes, (and why Tevas are better).

1. Sprains & Falling

You can occasionally fall off your platforms with risk of a twisted ankle.  Because I’m relatively fit, while I did “fall off” my old platform flip flops on occasion (watch out for pebbles!), the fast-twitch fiber muscles developed from exercises like those in the My Trainer Fitness workouts, saved me by quick reaction recovery that prevented a fall or twisted ankle. Still, it’s not a pleasant experience, and can even be embarrassing if you happen to be walking in public places and it happens. (Whoops! No one saw that, right?) 🙈

A 60-something-year-old lady I know of just broke her ankle badly by falling off her platforms flip flops. So the ankle straps on the Teva sandals definitely add a measure of safety. Still, always be careful on uneven ground.

We tend to not walk normal in stiff soled platforms. Many of them have stiff soles that don’t flex with your foot as you walk, or they may have a higher heel than toe bed. These things naturally change your gate and the way you walk, and can change your physiology, and likely not for the better. Especially if the platforms fit a bit loosely, causing you to sort of scrunch your foot up to hold onto the sole to keep it from flinging off. I was doing that with my favorite winter platform clogs, so now I only wear the with socks thick enough to keep the from flopping around my foot.

2. Weight Gain

It’s easier to gain weight with platforms.  Yep!!  Strange as it may sound, consider how if we look taller in a full-length mirror with longer pants over platforms, it’s a slimming look that can be deceiving. Remove the platforms and come back closer to earth and it’s like appearing 10 pounds heavier in an instant.  Not a pleasant discovery.

3. Harder to Be ‘On-The-Go’

And lastly, it makes it harder to have an active lifestyle because it’s not easy—and is likely a bit dangerous—to run in platform shoes or flip flops. In fact it tends to slow down your gate altogether.

An active lifestyle means being ready to jump up and go—quickly—at a moment’s notice, which includes not worrying about changing shoes.  I like to literally run around, when I can. To keep active and quickly stimulate circulation and boost energy, I’ll run when I need to go somewhere, if I can. Even if it’s just for 30 seconds. For example, I’ll hop up and run outside to the mailbox and back; run from one side of the house to the other; play chase with the dogs inside or outside around the house; run to the bathroom and do 10 squat jumps and pushups before heading back to my desk.

I run to the bathroom and do 10 squat jumps and 10 push-ups before getting back to sitting at my computer.

So with platforms, we tend to walk more slowly and move more carefully. Just consider the difference in agility you feel in your running shoes versus your dress heels.  It’s a similar difference in flats versus the typical platforms.

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With Tevas Platform Sandals, that all changes.

Of course, these are not made for running. So while I actually do run/jog in my regular Teva Tirras, I’m not donning the Teva Flatforms for an intentional run, nor am I wearing them to the gym. In fact, there’s no doubt that I’ve worn them out prematurely by the bit of running that I’ve done. So to be clear, the Teva Flatforms are not built for running, but they’re great for lots of walking and an active lifestyle in general.

I can, however, walk briskly and spry, run to the mailbox and back, or dash out the door to call in a barking dog. I can jump up to answer the door, or do some spontaneous jump squats to revive and refresh after sitting too long at my desk.

Next: Teva’s for Travel!

Teva’s: for Travel and Everyday Wear

My family and I just got back from an amazing adventurous week in Florida. The first 2/3 of the trip my daughter, Devani and I, were serving as volunteer staff for an amazing event with our friends at Board Meetings International. This was my kind of vacation: an entrepreneur’s volunteer service vacation, where we were and on our feet most of each day, being very active, serving and having fun, with inspiring fellow entrepreneurs and their kids, all there to learn and play together.

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LeAura Alderson and Devani Alderson at Board Meetings International, May 2015. Notice LeAura’s Teva Flatform sandals in Golden Poppy, (otherwise, Devani is 2″ taller :-)).

The last 1/3 of the time we met up with my husband, Coleman, and son, Nikolai, for a family adventure at Harry Potter World in Orlando… something the “kids” had been really keen to experience. So that was two more days on our feet doing lots of walking.

LeAura's son and daughter: Nikolai Alderson and Devani Alderson
Our kids, (“kids”… they’re now young adults), Nikolai Alderson and Devani Alderson, are both avid Harry Potter fans. J.K. Rowling’s incredibly imaginative fantasy series is responsible for Devani’s love of reading and writing novels, beginning back in 2004 when she was nine.

So basically, my new Tevas were strapped securely to my feet all week for miles of walking, jogging, stairs, beach and airports, being very active, and they were awesome and perfect for the job, with no blisters!

Hogwarts Castle at Harry Potter World on the Island Adventures side of Universal Studios

The only downside to my old sports Tevas is that the footbeds are not odor proof after living in them for almost six months of an active outdoors lifestyle. They do wash well in the washing machine, but I recommend using protective laundry bags to protect any other garments from the velcro straps. Fabric that gets stuck to the velcro could be ruffed up and even ruined.

However, these new flatform platform Tevas have not shown any signs of odor issues. Of course I don’t use them for rigorous workouts or biking as with my others.

Teva Women’s Flatform Ankle Strap, hybrid flipflop-sandal style in Gold. This style looks a bit more feminine but isn’t as secure on your feet. It’s better than platform flip flops without the ankle strap, but not as good as the Teva Flatform Universal Sandals expounded on above.
So if like me, you enjoy a little bit of elevation from your shoes, and you enjoy active lifestyle sports sandals, you’ll probably love these Tevas too.

Teva Sandal Sizes

Oh!  In case you don’t want to watch the video, I’ll mention my experience of sizing for these. They only come in full sizes, but I’m usually a perfect size 6.5.  I have Teva Flatform Sandals in both 6’s and 7’s, and the 6’s fit best and feel more natural on my feet.

Half sizes order one size down.

So if you’re also a solid half size, you’ll probably want to round down to the next size too, unless you have a high arch and instep, like I do. In that case, it could go either way, but I’m favoring the downsize.

High arch and instep will still fit if you size down, but the straps will show more velcro because the over-strap won’t cover it all if you expand the closure.

There are some other newer styles I’d like to try when my flatter ones wear out, but that could be a long time, because these sturdy Tevas seem to last forever!

UPDATE on my Flatform Ankle Strap Tevas

FIRST, I would order these platform ankle strap sandal again, but you need to be aware of a weakness in the sole of some of these. As indicated…

I wear these hard.

I run in them and do squat jumps and push ups in them, and I wear them all the time.

Under normal use these should last longer. That said, I need to be sure to show you a weakness in the soles of these flatforms.

Flatform ankle strap Tevas look great, wear well and feel good on your feet.
I would buy these again, BUT, next time I would not run and jump in them as I’ve done. Keep in mind that I’ve subjected these to more than they were designed to do. For regular walking wear, they should last beyond the two years these lasted me.

Teva Leather Sandals Review

These are my newest Teva Flatform Sandals: Teva Women’s Flatform Universal Iridescent Sandal. The straps are leather and I consider them my “dress shoes”, LOL!

They didn’t have size 6 when I ordered, so sized up to 7. They’re good, super comfortable and I really like them. However, next time I would order in a 6, as they’re just a bit loose and maxed out on the strap.

Teva Leather Sandals Features


  • Super comfortable
  • Smooth
  • Flatform platform
  • Look great
  • Nice casual
  • Mild arch support
  • Feels stable and secure for platforms


  • The velcro portion of the straps (on all flatform tevas) fray (but I just trim this off as needed)
  • No half sizes (size down if you’re a half-size)

THE VERDICT 1 (see page bottom for THE AMENDED VERDICT)

  • Love them and would buy them again

(See below this next batch of images for the UPDATE verdict).

Teva sandals review
Teva Women’s Sandals: Flatform Universal Iridescent Sandal
teva sandals review
Teva Women’s Sandals: Flatform Universal Iridescent Sandal – Image by MyTrainerFitness
Teva Flatform Sandals – velcro portion of the straps tend to fray – Image by MyTrainerFitness
velcro portion of the straps tend to fray but we just trim the strings – Image by MyTrainerFitness

UPDATES: Mine JUST broke this morning; 9/18/17. So I contacted Teva and will be returning them for a refund as per their policy here:

TEVA WARRANTY: We do have a warranty that covers our products for up to one year from the date of purchase. Items that are older than a year will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Teva warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, accidental damage, or discoloration. Our warranty does cover manufacturing and material defects. If we determine that your item is not acceptable under the warranty, we will send it back to you with a letter in the box explaining why it was rejected.

If you would like to start a warranty evaluation please visit to be guided through the returns process.
I bought my Tevas on Amazon, and wanted an exchange, however these are no longer available on either Amazon or the Teva site since we’re going into fall. So I processed for a refund. The refund is only good for the Teva website, not Amazon, so I might wait until next spring and the new Teva flatforms come out before completing that transaction. Given that, a cash or Amazon refund would’ve been best, but still grateful for the refund even after months of wear.
I WON’T BUY THESE TEVAS AGAIN… (But still a Teva fan!):
UPDATE: I will definitely continue buying Teva Flatform sandals because I love the flat platform style sports sandal. However, I will likely try their next new “model” instead of this iridescent leather Teva. Three things wrong with these:
  1. Straps continued fraying and these broke in September after just 4 months of wear, (not even daily as I alternated with my others favorite Tevas).
  2. They broke too soon
  3. The ridged sole causes debris from outdoor treks (even just in the yard and garden) to cling and get stuck and yet it’s hard to remove.

New Teva Styles on Our Wishlist

If ever my old sporty flat Tevas wear out, I’ve got my eyes on these: Flat Teva sandals with a more feminine twist

Running shoe styled Tevas on platforms: These Teva platform sandals are almost like running shoes.

I don’t care for the one color currently available; maybe there will be new ones for spring. Also, Teva really should do a better job of adding more photos to their Amazon listing. There’s only one view of this one.

If you give them a try, please let us know which ones you get and how you like them. We’d love to hear from you in comments below this article and/or on our Facebook page.

My Trainer Fitness Community Comments on Tevas

‎Karen Smith Dalton shared on 7/1/18 on ‎the My Trainer Fitness Facebook Page:
I am on my second pair of Teva Kayenta sandals. I wore the first pair out, but they did fade on my feet a bit, but I didn’t get them wet hardly at all, it was just from hiking and sweat. My new pair however, the first time I wore them in the rain turned my feet black. I have complained to Teva customer service and then sent photos. After weeks of trying, I haven’t been satisfied with the customer service. I love the more dressy style of these shoes, as well as the comfort. But I for one, find customer service and solutions above all else when it comes to paying for a “quality” product. Not satisfied…..

Our Reply to Karen:
So sorry to hear that, Karen! 😮 
It’s disappointing to hear any favorite brand not upholding their original quality and customer service standards. What’s happening in the world of retail is that ever since the US started sourcing manufacturing overseas, mostly to China, the quality  standards have dramatically decreased, and have become consistently inconsistent. That doesn’t however, excuse the poor customer service you experienced. You might try CS once more and ask them to escalate the issue as you are not a satisfied customer. Please let us know how it goes if you do so we can update that here.


What are your favorite sandals for an active lifestyle? Mine are Tevas, hands down!  And last year they came up with a style I’ve been looking for for years: Sports Tevas that are platforms!! #Teva #TevaSandals #TevaSandalsWomen #TevaSandalsMen #Sports #SandalsEnergize! Engage! Empower! 

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