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The Oil Less Fryer – the Best New Kitchen Appliance

All the Rage for Good Reason

Every culture in the world has its traditional fried food favorites. They are often sumptuous, savory and finger-licking good! BUT… are they good for your health? Yeah… that’s the problem, right?

We all know fried foods are not good for us because the oil used to fry them usually contains unhealthy amounts of fat and cholesterol. In addition, fried foods are the worst for digestive health and have proven to lead to all sorts of disease, including cancer and even asthma, diabetes and obesity, to name a few.1),-im-a-doctor.aspx

The Bad News

Consumption of fried foods are linked to an increased risk for heart and digestive disease, diabetes and a host of other ailments.2)

If you love fried food, that’s the bad news.

Fried food is awful for your health.

The Good News

Does that mean you should lose hope on fried foods? Nope… there’s hope! Not all foods have to be fried in oil to maintain that delicious taste.

The oil less fryer may just be the invention of the age for healthy kitchens. The revolutionary oil-less fryer will probably become your new best friend! Also called “no-oil fryer”, “air cooker”, “oil-less deep fryer” and “air fryer”, these new era wonder machines are this year’s “Instant Pots” for making all kinds of healthy fried meals.

What is an Oil Less Air Fryer?

If you imagined that the term “air cooker” has something to do with hot air, you’ve imagined right. An air fryer is an innovative kitchen appliance which uses superheated air to cook food. With this, you can enjoy a healthier version of your favorite fried food using little to no oil.

An efficient typical air cooker heats up to 390 ℉, then circulates the hot air evenly for a well-cooked mea. Airfryers are the brainchild of the Philips company, along Philips marketing manager, Fred van der Weij, who invented the technology for the oil less fryer, unveiled to the world at the consumer electronics fair in Berlin in 2010.


Oil Less Fryer Reviews

Buying a new product can be daunting as it can be hard to know which oil less fryer is best. Since 2010, many companies have come up with their own versions of an oil less deep fryer.

Which air fryers are best?

If you’re contemplating buying your first air fryer, you may just want to cut to the chase and start out with the number one selling oil less fryer on Amazon, the T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ.


We’re keeping an eye on these and this oil less fryer by GoWise is moving up rapidly in position and popularity.

The GoWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Air Fryer XL The GoWise Oil Less Fryer 5.8 Qts is best for a family of four. It also comes in red and purple, which is fun if you like a pop of vibrant color on your counter, and it gives the little guy a bit of character. 🤓

Overall this air fryer has 4.5 stars as of June, 2018.

GoWise Negatives to be aware of are that some customers, complained of even recently:

  • a loose or faulty handle
  • poor customer service

GoWise Positives

  • Currently over 74% positive and the majority of those seem to be legitimate reviews.

If you like to do a little more research, here’s some objective information on the top 4 best selling/best reviewed air fryers, in this article.


Airfryer Recipes

Trying out a new recipe on an Air Cooker can be fun and exciting. Once you try your first recipe, you’ll be hooked and ready to try the next one for more delicious, guilt-free “fried” foods.

Guilt free French fries? Check! 
 Guilt free bloomin’ onion? Check!
Guilt free fried chicken? Check!

Imagine munching some French fries, blooming onion or turkey breast, but without the oil. Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy your favorite “cheat meals” without the cheat?!?

By now you’re probably like we were: really ready to try your first oil less fryer!

There are many recipes that are popular with air fryers. Here are some nice awesome airfryer recipes by the blue jean chef; one for a side dish and another for a main meal.

We’re just getting into this ourselves, so as we create favorite dishes we’ll be sure to share the successes here.


Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad

By Meredith Laurence, The Blue Jean Chef

Image and recipe by Meredith Laurence, The Blue Jean Chef

You can get The Blue Jean Chef cookbook on Amazon.

Blooming Onion Recipe by Power Air Fryer XL

Recipe and image by Power Air Fryer XL

Years ago we used to love the ‘bloomin onions’ at the Outback Steak House. Then we realized how awfully unhealthy it was and how bad we felt after eating it. Now… you can have some great guilt-free oil-less fryer blooming onions!

Air fryer recipe
Oil-less air fryer recipe, blooming onion, by Power Air Fryer XL.

For a blooming onion cutter, this is the top rated on Amazon. The very best one is a commercial version that’s ridiculously expensive for home use, but fine if you’re going to be doing lots of these regularly. Serious football parties maybe…?


It’s important to remember that while these cool kitchen appliances make some of our favorite “treat foods” less wicked, it doesn’t make it healthy! So be judicious in your usage.

When it comes to recipes for air fryers, You can use your favorite recipes.

A simple rule of thumb when it comes to oil less fryer recipes:

  1. Use your favorite recipe, and then follow your air fryer’s instructions for that item. For example, follow instructions for cooking chicken using your favorite fried chicken recipe.
  2. Start small. Don’t make a big batch on your first try, just in case.

Test and tweak is the name of the game.

But if you’re uncertain and would like more specific oil-less fryer recipes, most fryers come with their own recipe booklet. For more variety, here is a link to some mouthwatering air fryer recipes.

To help you adapt your favorite recipes, here’s a handy air fryer calculator to reference for cooking times and temps for all your favorite foods.

Oil free fryer recipe – Vegetarian Cauliflower Buffalo wings- image by
oil free fryer recipe
Oil-less fryer recipe – Garlic Butter Parsley Potatoes – image by

We are totally trying the cauliflower “wings”, baked garlic potatoes and the “air fried apple chips” and to compare them to our dehydrated apples.

air fryer recipe
Air fryer recipe – Apple Chips – image by

For a comprehensive article on kinds of oils best for use with air fryers, you may enjoy this article.

Get Published!

As indicated above, we’ll be adding recipes to this over time as we have time to try out—and create—more oil less fryer recipes.

Please let us know how you do and what recipes you make that you love. If you’d like to share recipes and photos, we’d be glad to publish them, giving you full credit, of course!

If you want a free My Trainer Fitness workout gift for your recipe and photo, just send us an email.

Happy, healthy cooking!

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