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Avoid Temptation and Create Your Healthy Lifestyle

But… I Do Need It

What happens when we go grocery shopping without a list?  Do we tend to buy more or less than we might actually need? Unanimous reply: WAY MORE.

Mmmmm, chocolate chip cookies! And peanut butter cup ice cream was on the grocery list, right? 😉

No! It was not.  Nor was the bread, cereal, cake mix, frozen dinner packages, or donuts.

How do you combat the “in the moment cravings” you get while shopping?

You know, when you’re walking down the aisle minding your own business and BAMB! The caramel popcorn practically attacks you and holds you hostage till you put it in the cart.


Simplest Way to Avoid Food Stress

Naturally the “simplest” way to avoid putting junk in the cart, is just saying: “NO!” and meaning it.   Yah right.  Simple, but not easy when those tortilla chips are staring you down.  *Mwhahaha.*

Here are some more realistic and tangible step to help you avoid temptation and stick with your healthy lifestyle goals:

Plan Your Meals

In my family, we tend to get recipes that we will be making during the week then we create the shopping list based on that.  This allows us to stay focused on what we need, as opposed to what we desire.

Pick a day, preferably the same day each week, to plan and pull together a list of all the items you’ll need to make the dishes that week. Also, plan for some healthy snacks you can bring with you to work.

MTF Store List

Create a Routine

Humans are naturally “lazy” which can be detrimental, unless you set habits in place that help you. Create a routine for shopping, starting with the day of the week, creating the list before leaving, and stick with that routine until you could do it in your sleep.

This not only keeps you resolved to creating healthy choices, but it cuts out the stress of another “what am I going to buy” decision.  The goal is to develop good habits that you will eventually fall back on when you feel temptation calling screaming at you.

There are some things that you will decide are just no longer in your food vocabulary.

Online Shopping

This option might not be available to everyone, but if you do have a grocery story that offers online shopping, I highly recommend taking advantage of it!

The advantage is that you’re not in sensory overload and temptation. Rather, you’re focused on searching and keying in exactly what you’re looking for.

Another option for many of your dried goods and packaged goods is Amazon. Many people shop on Amazon for all their staples, from toilet paper to shampoo, and even flours (we’re going to try the cashew and pistachio flours as we’re always looking for healthy gluten free alternatives), nuts,  and supplements.*
* Editor’s Note: These are our Amazon affiliate links of products we use and like.

Instead of stopping off and walking through the grocery aisle when you’re tired on your way home from work, imagine driving up through the drive-thru of your grocer, to pick up the order of mostly fresh vegetables you’ve already placed. When you arrive home, there’s a package from Amazon with your packaged goods, delivered right to your door.

Instead of walking down catching sight of whatever foods get your cravings going, you can quickly go through your shopping list, search what you need, then have someone else do the shopping for you.

BAM!  You don’t even have to enter the store.

Oh! And… with that 30 minutes or so extra time you saved, you could stop off at the gym on your way home for a quick round of weights or some cardio to unwind. If you feel tired, this will actually re-energize you!

Exercise & Eat First

You won’t always have the wherewithal to do this, but try to schedule your food shopping after you’ve had a solid workout and eaten something.

Doing this helps your body get into a place of balance and when your body and energies are in control, it’s much easier for you to be in control.

As an entrepreneur, I understand the whole “I’m always at the desk” dilemma , whether you work for yourself or someone else.  We’re busy, have everything to get done, and in the moment it’s just so much easier to grab a coffee and donut and crunch out some more tasks on the to-do list.


But trust me on this, get up, move about, vigorously walk up a flight of stairs, take a walk around your neighborhood or building if you can. Anything to get your blood flowing. Substituting exercise for snacking, and then when you do snack, substituting body nourishing real foods will be an absolute game changer toward your overall health and fitness.

This one habit will change everything for you.

This will have a longer effect not only on staying awake without a sugar crash, but also moving stirs your circulatory system, sending more blood and oxygen coursing through your body and to your brain, which not only increases energy, but also creativity and productivity. AND… you’ll be manufacturing happy drugs in your own natural drug factory!  If you’re looking for super quick, 5-minute workouts you can do right at your desk, try My Trainer Fitness for at Work.  It was developed specifically for this purpose!


Remember when I said above that the simplest way was to just say “NO!”

While obviously cravings can be hard to handle, I was not completely jesting about just making up your mind to not allow yourself the temptation.  Only recently did I discover the true power of making up your mind.
It works.  You have to be sick and tired of the same ‘ole same ‘ole that you put your foot down and not accept any other option than what you know to do.
I know, I know… But what’s motivational advice without some Yoda thrown in the mix? 🙂

Rituals, Change, and The Balancing Act – My Trainer Fitness

My Trainer Fitness for at Work 

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