You May Have Seen Us…

You May Have Seen Us…

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More Health Less Care
One Day At A Time
The Fabulous Finds 

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The Balancing Act
NBC WXII Channel 12

• The Week
• Benefits LIVE Magazine

  1. The Truth About Responsibility
  2. The Inspired Workplace

• Orlando Magazine
• SELF Magazine
• Family Circle Magazine
• Better Homes & Gardens
• Womens Health
• Forsyth Woman Magazine
• Triad Living Magazine
• Skirt Magazine

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• The Michael Hart Show, Live, 101 WYDE FM Radio
• Teen Vibe Radio KAYT FM, LA
• 1150 WIMA Morning Show w/Mike Miller, Lima, OH
• WILS 1320 Talk Radio, Fritze and Friends, Lansing, MI
• WCHE Radio The Jack Evans Show, WMBS-CBS
• Tim the Health Coach – 1060 AM
• Brownwood Talk Radio KXYL 96.9FM
• “Night Views” Radio

Web Radio
• Smart Solutions for Busy People
• Girlfriend We Gotta Talk
• More Health Less Care w/Dr. Pete Weiss
• Healthy Alternative w/Dr. Jerry Teplitz
• Dresser Ater Dark



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