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“Already I’m feeling more energized, more empowered, and, yes, my body is in better shape now than 3 weeks ago.” more…

“I love your products and tell everyone about them. Excellent idea and great product” more…

“I received My Gym Trainer 1 for Christmas and I just love it!!!”
~ Michele C., MI

“Your current product Rocks!  You don’t need me to tell you this but it fills a need, is hip-looking, easy to use, portable, durable & clear/concise without being condescending.  Theres nothing new in fitness under the sun and yet youre doing this in such a GREAT FRESH NEW WAY.”
~ Carla Birnberg http://mizfitonline.com/

My Gym Trainer is the smart exercise guide with top-notch fitness advice. This book is a quick-start no-nonsense guide to truly effective fitness training for exercisers of all levels. A valuable addition to the fitness world.”
~ Jade Teta, ND, CSCS, Best-selling author of “The New ME Diet” & co-creator of Metabolic Effect Fitness

“Prior to MGT, I was in good aerobic shape as a runner. Today, I am more muscular, strong, in better overall condition, and also feel better than I have in a long, long time. Thanks so much for everything.”
~ Alan P., Winston-Salem

“Sweet relief! After 17 years as a nutritionist, and 22 years of working out, I’ve finally found the solution to directive exercise. These gorgeous little cards cut to the chase with straightforward instructions and pictures that keeps my gym time organized and efficient. Thank you My Trainer Fitness fo giving us mere mortals a chance to work out like the fitness experts do!”
~ Esther Blum, RD, Best-selling author of “Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous www.livinggorgeous.com

“I have been training with My Gym Trainer Level 1 for three weeks & LOVE IT!  When a personal trainer wasn’t an option anymore I was lost as to what I needed to do daily to maintain.  So, being out of the gym for two years I am now back at it armed with information as to what body part I should be training for the day in addition to cardio.  This is awesome! Doing it on my own & loving it. The cards with pictures are wonderful!”
~ Lori B.


“I’ve been in the fitness field for 33 years now. I was going to add a workout program to my most recent book, but then I was introduced to the My Trainer Fitness line of products. After seeing the MTF line, I realized there wasn’t much of a point in recreating something that was already so good. That is now the product I feature. Those who know me know that I don’t randomly promote a product, and never would I do so without testing it first. I’ve tried it. It’s the best program of its kind that I’ve seen.”

~Randy Ganther, author, personal trainer

“I love the workouts! It is even better than I thought it would be. I love knowing exactly what to do when I go into the gym, it’s truly liberating! I’m a huge fan already.  Also, your customer service goes above and beyond and it is a pleasure to do business with a company that responds personally and truly cares about their customers!”
~ Cyndi Juarez

This week I went to the doctor for a check up and had the super cholesterol levels, and overall excellent health. Next Sunday I will accomplish one of my lifetime goals and compete in my first triathlon – 36 North. Thanks for being a big part of my new fit and healthy life.
~ Alan

“I LOVE My Trainer Fitness!!! The organization of the books and the variety of the workouts are right up my alley! I started doing the workouts 6 days a week and got a little bogged down. So now I do them 3 times a week and they still work perfectly for my time / lifestyle! I’m so glad that I invested in all 3 books also, they are a great asset to have!”
~ Carrie T.

“BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! THEY ANSWERED THE PHONE BY GREETING ME BY MY FIRST NAME! WOW!!! I haven’t even received My Trainer Fitness 100 Calorie Pack yet, but I know I will recommend MTF to everyone I know! THANK YOU FOR SUCH EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! :)”
~ Dania H.

“I love the cards – my fave are the 100 calorie pack – but I hardly get to use them since my husband has stolen them all to use at his office gym! And I have to agree- the customer service is the best. Great workout, great experience!”
~ Charlotte H.A.

“So far, so fabulous! I have the 100 calorie pack, the kids pack and the outdoor pack. My sons (6 & 9) love the exercises for kids, and I love how the cards get them moving.

I’m working my way through my first week of the 100 calorie pack, and I like how the workouts are ‘do-able’ challenges – hard enough to challenge me but not so hard that I give up. I can’t do all the sets in the time limit yet, but I’ll get there! 

Also, LeAura’s customer service just rocks. What a friendly email exchange!”
~ Christine H.

“Love, love, love….I have the My Gym Trainer 2, MTF at Home, MTF Outdoors, MTF at Work and MTF 100 Calorie Workouts. They kick my butt!!! 

Customer service is awesome….I emailed to let them know of an error on their website and they were super nice and thankful.”
~ Kym B.V.A.

“I recently completed My Gym Trainer 1 and I love the results! I’ve always been intimidated by the strength training equipment and free weights at my gym. My Gym Trainer 1 provided me with a focused workout plan for every gym visit and a complete body workout each week. I enjoyed the progression in the level of difficulty of the exercises and I look forward to purchasing My Gym Trainer 2. After four weeks I am stronger and I feel happier. Strength training is what my workouts have been missing to take my fitness and health to the next level. Thanks for providing a strength training routine that is flexible, organized, and affordable!”
~ Amy L.M.

“I just had to tell you that you’ve inspired me!  What I needed was a decision and a plan.  So…I decided to use your My Fitness Trainer program (Beginners 1) as a Christmas present to myself.   Let me tell you girlfriend, I was feeling like a whooped pup the first week (and this is “beginner” I thought!), but I wasn’t giving myself any excuses so I kept on going.  I’ve just started week 4 and am LOVING it!  Really like the upper body, lower body, core rotation, as well as the increasing cardio.  Mixes it up and makes me feel confident that I’m combining exercises in a way that’s most productive.  Best of all I love having a PLAN that I can easily carry with me in the gym! Already I’m feeling more energized, more empowered, and, yes, my body is in better shape now than 3 weeks ago.  I’ve lost about 5 lbs and have definitely lost inches.  I realize I can do the Beginners again, but have decided to order your Intermediate and Advanced binders. Thanks again for putting this system together and sharing it with us!”
~ Mary Foley, author, speaker and co-host of Girlfriend We Gotta Talk radio show

I love your products!  Right now I’m doing the 100 calorie and at home workouts. I also have the gym trainer book, and think it’s amazing, but I’m working on getting back in shape after baby 3 and needed something different [because] I’m just not always able to make it to the gym.  A book for at home to add to the 6 pack variety would be amazing. But until that happens, I’m more than happy with the 6 packs.  I love your products and tell everyone about them. Excellent idea and great product!
~ Marie Guthrie, Mesa, AZ

“Love the new [MGT3] workouts. Some are relatively “easy” for me and some are extremely challenging, particularly the interval workouts, which I have not focused on lately.
Most of all it has been great to have a real variety everyday and feel like I have stepped it up a notch. Prior to MGT, I was in good aerobic shape as a runner. Today, I am more muscular, strong, in better overall condition, and also feel better than I have in a long, long time. Thanks so much for everything.”

~ Alan P., Winston-Salem

“I really like the work outs. The one thing that I’ve found is that our elliptical and bikes are different than the ones at your gym, so not all the settings apply. Also, we don’t have exactly the same machines in a couple of instances. Alternative choices (like using free weights or bands when the machines aren’t available) might be useful. In general, I’m loving it!”
~Theresa T., Bainbridge Island, WA



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