My Trainer Fitness Workout System, available on Amazon, was created to help people achieve personal trainer workouts on their own with easy to use, sturdy laminated cards in books of 24 and packs of 6 complete workouts for the gym, work and home.

With workouts for men, women and children, there’s something for everyone, and guys and gals alike, can enjoy these effective workouts that take you through an integrated fitness plan for weight loss, fat loss and muscle gain over many weeks and months of fitness variety.

No more wandering around the gym looking lost and uncertain about how to use your gym equipment and make it work for you! Grab your card and take your personal-trainer-to-go, and soon you will be working out and looking like a pro.

So whether you want to learn how to get better gym workouts on your own, or would prefer to workout on your own at home, outdoors or traveling, with nine different versions to choose from, there’s a workout pack or gym manual for you.


LeAura Alderson

is a media publisher, entrepreneur, author, ideator, product developer, Certified Fitness Instructor, and a Strategic Interventionist. LeAura’s focus is on creating new sites, products and services, and helping others do the same through coaching, mentoring and entrepreneur masterminds.

Inspired by her success at resolving chronic health problems through fitness, LeAura co-created the My Trainer Fitness line of exercise guides, which have been featured in media such as Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, and Shape Online.

Carla Birnberg

is an award winning writer, community builder, and personal trainer. She launched to share her health and fitness knowledge with those who might not have access to one-on-one training. As a result of her online personality, Carla has gained attention of publications like Woman’s Day, Experience Life,, Glamour, Women’s Health, Fitness, Yahoo!, Yahoo!Shine, Yahoo!’s YourWisdom, Runners World, and Carla’s health motto is …fitness isn’t about fitting in. She believes while we may all share the goal of living longer, healthier, and more vibrant lives it’s ok (and even encouraged) to carve our own unique path

Jill Coleman

is a certified personal trainer with over 7 years and 10,000 hours in personal training and serves as a group exercise coordinator for Wake Forest University.Jill is a fitness model and top-placing fitness competition winner, coaching clients through her business, JillFit, and along with her husband, fitness expert, Jade Teta, ND, owns a unique personal training studio—Metabolic Effect—serving clients in Winston-Salem, NC. Jill also holds a masters in nutrition and is passionate about helping others achieve lifetime

Robin Holland

Contributor/Co-Author of My Trainer Fitness for Kids
Crazy Running is a USA Track and Field club based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Robyn Holland is a mother of 3 and the founder of the program which offers Summer Track, Cross Country, 5K Training, and Winter Conditioning for young athletes ages 5-14.“Our goal is to expose the young athlete to the wonderful, lifelong sport of running while developing endurance, strength, speed and flexibility.  We teach proper running form, sound stretching techniques, and good strength exercises.  Through the discipline of running, young athletes learn the importance of goal setting, mental toughness, determination and perseverance.”


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