REVIEW: Teva Sports Sandals, Flatform and Platform Tevas


Active Lifestyle Shoes

What are you favorite sandals for an active lifestyle?

Mine—hands down—are Tevas!  And this year they’ve come up with a style I’ve been looking for for years: Sports Tevas that are platforms!!

Teva actually calls them Teva Flatform Universal Sandals, likely because you’re on a flat platform… for maximum comfort and distribution of weight, so greater stability, comfort, agility, and free to walk in your normal gait. They also have a flip-flop style called Flatform Sandals that includes an adjustable ankle strap.

As you will see in the video, I like them both but slightly favor the Teva Flatform Universal Sandals because they have greater stability and adjustability.

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Being a short petite ???? 5′ 1″, I prefer wearing platforms shoes. I don’t really mind being short, and didn’t even notice that I was in my youth because many people in Hawaii, where I grew up, are on the short or petite side. But it’s usually a whole lot more convenient begin taller, and besides, clothes look better and tall people can eat more too, but that’s another issue not resolved by platform shoes.

With platform shoes, it’s easier to hug taller people (I don’t get a crick in my neck hugging my husband and son, who are 5′ 9″ and 5′ 11″ respectively), it’s easier to reach things in my kitchen, and most pants fit better without needing to hem the length, plus the added slimming benefit of looking taller.

So, a couple years ago all my flip flops, sandals and shoes were 2-3″ platforms, (and I prefer platforms over heels because they’re more comfortable and easier on your feet than pushing most of your weight onto the balls and toes of your feet, which creates a whole other list of problems). But I noticed a few things that were a distinct disadvantage in wearing platform shoes and sandals.

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