My Trainer Fitness for At Work

My Trainer Fitness for At Work

My Trainer Fitness for At Work was designed as a workout you can do at the office all at one time, or in snatches throughout the day, without having to change into fitness attire.  For that reason, the cardio is limited and can be done separately as optional or in brief bursts as part of each circuit.

What Type of Exercises Can I Expect?
The workouts featured here are “circuit training” style, which maximizes fat-burning and cardiovascular results in the least amount of time by moving quickly from one exercise to the next with little rest in between.

What Equipment Will I Need?
For best results use resistance bands and/or dumbbells in heavy, medium and light, or, for limited space, medium only.  If there’s no room for either of these at work, use whatever is available, such as water bottles, books, soup cans, or just you!


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