MTF for Kids

MTF for Kids

My Trainer Fitness for Kids contains 6, 20-40 minute workouts that include drills, strength, and endurance exercises in a fun and fast format that kids can do with friends or siblings, alone or with the aid of an adult.

What Type of Exercises Can I Expect?
Drills – exercises that tell your body what you expect of it and to be ready for faster more vigorous action.
Cardio – stands for cardiovascular, which means the heart and blood flow. Endurance means your heart and lungs can handle more work.  Jogging, running, sprinting, high knees or jumping jacks…anything that gets your heart and breath pumping harder and faster is called endurance or cardio training.
Interval training – to sprint and then rest, sprint and then rest.  Sprints can be running, but also fast-paced cardio exercises of any kind.  Kids do sprints often when playing, which is one of the most natural forms of exercise, and builds endurance.
Plyometrics – combine strength and cardio exercises, such as squat jumps, squat thrusts and jumping lunges or switch jumps. Plyo’s also help to activate your fast-reaction muscles.

What Equipment Will I Need?
Timer, watch or stopwatch is recommended, however, you can do these workouts without these aids by estimating and counting. exercise mat.


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