Not everyone has the time or money to hire a personal trainer.  The My Trainer Fitness line of products puts the power of the professional in your palm™ with proven workouts producing results to which thousands of satisfied exercisers can attest.

My Gym Trainer is a series of workout books, containing 24 complete professionally designed workouts on removable laminated cards you can take with you to the gym.  Each workout card features accompanying photos to help guide you in knowing exactly what to do and comprehensive yet simple exercise grids that are easy to see and follow.  My Gym Trainer takes the guesswork out of exercising so that you can feel confident at the gym with a plan that works for you.

Each of the 24 workouts contains both cardio intervals and weight training circuits, [link to a piece on “what is cardio intervals” and to “what is weight-training circuits” explanation] for a complete daily (or several times weekly) routine.  Weight training is broken up so that the entire body is worked out every 3 days for maximal muscle-building and fat-burning results.  Chock full of plenty of fitness and nutrition tips, the My Gym Trainer books provide all the resources you need to get in, get out, and get results!


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