Home Exercise Program – My Trainer Fitness for At Home

Effective and Fast…

My Trainer Fitness for At Home contains 6,  30-minute, 2-circuit workouts that include strength and cardio training, plus tips and information.  These workouts are “intermediate” in intensity, however, can easily be adjusted to your current fitness level, to last many months of variety and progression. 

Adaptable Home Exercise Program

No time to workout? No worries! With these handy workout cards you can easily grab 1-5 minute fitness breaks that refresh and renew your energy without taking an hour at the gym. Studies have shown that movement and exercise throughout the day is better than one hour at the gym. Do less. Get more!


What Type of Exercises Can I Expect?
The workouts featured here are “circuit training” style, which is a system of exercising that maximizes fat-burning and cardiovascular training by keeping the heart rate and breathing up throughout the workout.  Circuits are designed for maximum results in the least amount of time by moving from one exercise to the next with little rest in between. When you finish one complete round of the circuit, you begin again at the first exercise, until the specified time is up; in this case 15 minutes per circuit.

What Equipment Will I Need?

  • 1 set heavy dumbbells
  • 1 set light dumbbells
  • mat or rug
  • sturdy chair or bench
  • large exercise ball (optional)








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