Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

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Fitness increases employee productivity and decreases absenteeism.
Regular exercise improves health and the ability to handle stress. Employee fitness is proven to decrease absenteeism and subsequently health care costs while increasing employee productivity and positivity.

Employee fitness directly equates to corporate fitness.
Studies reveal there to be a direct association between corporate environmental support for workplace wellness and individual employee health issues. Fat-care costs are expensive. Overall, the direct costs of inactivity and obesity account for some 9.4% of the national health care expenditures in the United States. Inactivity, with its wide range of health consequences, represents a major avoidable contribution to the costs of illness.

Exercise increases mental capacity, positivity and creativity.
Work health promotion is valuable for employees’ well-being, effectiveness and productivity, while reducing illness related absenteeism. Activities involving exercise and lifestyle changes in addition to education and motivational programs have been found to be the most effective for short and long-term corporate vitalization.

Fitness cultivates a dynamic and cooperative corporate team atmosphere.
Imagine an energetic sports team ready for a game. Now, superimpose this image onto your employee group. Employees who are healthy, energized and enthusiastic can accomplish more from within this dynamic culture.

Beyond health and energy boosts, corporate fitness programs help to cultivate a cooperative team environment where employees pull for each other and form a bond around their exercise program and successes. The negativism of “water fountain” conversations shift toward more positive and proactive dialogue that encourages and uplifts.

The ultimate motivation.
Motivational and leadership training is valuable and essential. Increase your return on investment of these programs by incorporating a fitness program that helps employees build internal motivation. Fitness cultivates individual motivation from the inside, out.




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