The At-Work Workout

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Workday Exercise Breaks By Leslie Vandever   Finding a way to fit exercise into your life can be a challenge. Most of us already have a daily schedule that’s jam-packed with time-consuming tasks and activities: home, work, kids, volunteer time, even recreation. Adding exercise time to everything else can seem overwhelming. Our bodies were made …read more

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A Case of “The Mondays”

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  Before I shatter your world about my thoughts on Mondays, here are 3 trivial facts about me: 1. Working out is a favorite hobby. 2. Morning person. I am not. *insert Yoda voice* 3. Statistics prove my “happy Monday” ratio doesn’t look optimistic. Basically I’m NOT the stereotypically, early morning, energizer bunny, fitness nut.  …read more

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For Your Inconvenience … MOVE!

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The mistake that even exercise fanatics make… Forgetting to MOVE throughout each day! Strange as it is for a founder of a fitness company to say and admit, I have no problem sitting for over 12 hours straight, (excepting of course, the inevitable and numerous bathroom breaks that occur from keeping hydrated :-)). How is …read more

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The Number One Thing For Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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This is the raw and simple truth. This is the ONE mechanism that sets everything else in motion and sets you up for success.  It’s the one thing that, unless you do this, nothing else will work: That ONE thing is decision.  You have to decide to live a healthy weight. You decide you want …read more

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What’s Coming For YOU…

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In case you missed the email… We’ve been pretty quiet lately for a several reasons…namely: 1. These days, it seems we all get too much email, and there are more great blogs to read than time to read them all!  So we decided to only communicate via email when we have something special you may …read more

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The Inspired Workplace

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Be a Google

  It starts at the top.  In the Conference Room the large table is flanked with stability ball chairs and a large water-cooler for the company issued personalized refillable water bottles frequently seen everywhere. In the center of the table is a piece of art, a glass cube with many dimensions and colors that reflect …read more

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No Time? Just HIIT it…HARD!

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Our gym closes at 4pm on Saturdays.  I wish they closed at 6, because it’s often hard to get away from busy Saturday things to get there in time to workout before they close. This past Saturday in fact, while I had planned to arrive there around 3pm so I would have plenty of time, …read more

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Ideal Life Vision For YOU!

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  Envisioning Your Ideal Life As a ‘strategic whole life’ coach, I’ve noticed that many people really struggle with the concept of vision boards and envisioning their ideal life, be it their dream life, ideal self, ideal relationship, or whatever else is (often hidden deep) in their heart.  This is because they aren’t there yet, …read more

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Pizza, Health, and Feeling Good

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Pizza is my favorite food. When I was 15, I would do a really good, hour long, cardio and weight lifting workout at the gym.  Then I would go to one of my favorite local restaurants and order a large mushroom pizza. And eat it. All. By myself. I justified it by telling myself that …read more

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