“I heard your talk…and LOVED it.”
“I TOTALLY enjoyed your interview…it was just what I was looking for.”
“I loved everything you had to say and I’m excited…”
“[LeAura's] energy and enthusiasm are contagious.”
“She is a natural and she delivers great presentations.”
“Very informative, dynamic, fun presentation.”
“Great energy – nice presentation – you mix well with the audience.”
“I enjoyed your energy and the analogies.”

Why not book LeAura Alderson to speak at your next event?
She can speak on the following topics:

What is Strategic Intervention?

Strategic Intervention is a practical method for producing effective change in your company and employees at all levels, individually and/or as a group, for the most benefit in the least amount of time.  Fitness is more than just physical.

What is it worth for you to…
…Gain more benefit for less time and effort
…Increase performance in all areas of life and work
…Achieve personal and relational breakthroughs
…Gain simple, practical, and powerful tools
…Gets the results you seek

Would you like to…
…Accomplish more in each day and in life
…Overcome barriers to success in any area of endeavor
…Change your fitness, wellness, personal and business relationships
…Shift from where you are to where you want to be
…Gain a roadmap for positive change

Strategic Intervention enables you to take action and create positive change in business and personal relationships.  In business, SI serves to elevate Interpersonal dynamics and resolve conflicts and dilemmas that often develop between executives, managers, and employees.

Hire Us to Fire Us.

As CEO of My Trainer Fitness, LeAura Alderson understands business and strategically applies the High Intensity Interval Training–HIIT–principles to her work with you toward life and business fitness.  That means, her goal is to get in, get results, and get out, delivering more success in less time, while leaving you with the tools and strategies that empower you to continue to get fantastic results on your own.

For powerful change and a jumpstart on whole life fitness, Strategic Interventionist, LeAura Alderson can speak to your group and/or serve your company’s employees and managers at all levels.

Our Mission:  to hear you say:  “You have served us well, we’ve improved our employee and company fitness, and now we no longer need your services.”


Women’s Conferences

Fast Fitness – The number one challenge in achieving fitness is motivation and the second is time. LeAura can share tips and strategies for incorporating fitness as a way of life, while inspiring the motivation to do so. This topic can be expanded into an entire presentation, going deeper into effective fitness for life, incorporating the mind-body connection. Or, Fast Fitness can be contracted into a crowd-energizing pick-me-up for combatting afternoon sleepies, while demonstrating exactly how to do this for oneself, every day, whether at work or at home.
Alternate Titles
• Effective Fitness in Less Time
• Forget Fat…Focus on Fit
• Body Betrayal – Turn It Around
• Physician, Heal Thyself

The Powerful Woman – Women are more powerful than they know and more powerful than most have been taught to think. Women have come far in societal position over the past 50 years, and yet there are still some barriers keeping us from unleashing our greatest potential. Pulling from unique personal experience, LeAura touches deep into issues that keep women bound and offers tools that equip women to more fully live a powerful life.

Alternate Titles:
• I Am Woman
• Women Rule the World
• Women in Business, the New Economy
• The Myth of Superwoman
• Question Everything (politely)
• Strategies for Financial Success

The Fit Life – Physical fitness creates a strong foundation for a fit life, which incorporates physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. If one of these cornerstones of life is neglected, our balance, success, prosperity and ultimate happiness suffer. Whether you’re a parent, CEO, entrepreneur or employee, this is YOUR life, and this talk sets you in motion to own it and mold it according to your highest ideals.
Alternate Titles:
• My Trainer Fitness – Whole Life Solutions
• Life In Balance
• Is This the Life You Want?


Mom’s / Parents Conferences

The Strong Family – Families are failing at a rate more alarming than business failure, leaving parents and kids bewildered and frustrated as families are fractured and hurt. It’s time to take courageous steps and probe deeply into that which is ailing, extract the mental and emotional tumors and societal memes impeding health and infuse vital nutrition into family as the most vital artery in a healthy society…in fact, the heart of it.
Alternate Titles:
• The Family Pack
• Family Fitness Strategies
• Exercise, ADD/ADHD and Intelligence
• Family: Upside-down, Inside-out and Topsy-turvy.
• The New Family Business


Corporate / Business conferences

Employee Fitness = Fiscal Fitness in Corporate America – Deep in the wonderment of the technological age, the demand for mental power and output has increased while the use of our bodies in active work decreases to nil. However, it’s become increasingly clear that a neglected body, drains the brain and leads to lethargy, clouded logic, decreased motivation and more illness. Corporations today are finding that improving the employees “bottom line” actually also improves the corporate bottom line, but also that the rewards of an energized work force go beyond reduced absenteeism and lowered healthcare costs. The emotional and mental health of a corporation or organization is just as vital. Today’s challenges require constant learners and innovators, emotional flexibility, mental agility and focused periods of contraction and expansion. Invite LeAura into your corporate program for tips and strategies to energize, rejuvenate and motivate your employees, management and workplace, on all levels.
Alternate Titles:
• Improving Corporate and Employee Bottom Line
• Sweat-free Fitness at Work…one minute at a time
• One Minutes Fitness
• Deskside Workouts
• Tools for Employee Fitness
• Corporate Fitness Tools
• Corporate Entrepreneurs
• Media and Marketing for Growing Business


General Conferences

Mixed Audiences For Motivation / Inspiration – (The Titles proffer virtual descriptions):
• Follow Your Passions and Live the Life You Were Meant to Live
• Creating the Life You Want No Holds Barred – Straight Talk to Freedom
• Kill the Excuses that are Robbing You (or Kill the Robbers)

To book LeAura to speak at your event, please contact:  LeAura@MyTrainerFitness.com t: 336-287-6190